Mobile Apps for Car Rental Companies

Offer easy booking services and reward your best customers

Allow your customers to rent vehicles from your fleet again and again and have them delivered to their preferred location via their mobile app. Encourage repeat bookings by offering loyalty discounts and notify customers of new vehicles via powerful push messages.

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MOBILE APPS FOR Car Rental Companies

iPhone + iPad + Android + Tablet + Mobile Website

A mobile app can genuinely help your car rental business engage with customers, boost your profile, and connect with your customers via mobile. With a mobile app your car rental business can give customers quick access to your fleet of vehicles and reward repeat bookings.

With a dedicated mobile shop your car rental business can add an additional revenue stream and enhance overall profits. Push notifications are a great way to keep your car rental business fresh in the mind of your customers and provide regular updates directly to their smartphones and tablets.


% of consumers will use their mobile devices while they are shopping

% of consumers prefer using mobile apps over mobile websites

% of consumers share location and personal information with brands

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