Mobile Apps for Churches

Spread the word and communicate with church goers

Mobile apps for churches encourage your worshippers to come back again and again by allowing them to book church facilities from any mobile device. Allow users to make donations through the app as well as keep up to date with upcoming events and share prayers amongst the community. Upload interactive content such as sermons and speeches for all worshippers to enjoy on the move.

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iPhone + iPad + Android + Tablet + Mobile Website

A mobile app for churches is a great way to keep in touch with your congregation. The mobile app allows your congregation to keep up to date with the latest church events, book their weddings and christenings. Your congregation will be able to share photos from all of their special occasions with their friends and family through your churches mobile app.

Your church can connect with your worshipers and create a community around your church by giving your congregation instant access to your social media. The free push messaging system will help keep your congregation to keep up to date with all the latest events through your churches new mobile app.


% of consumers will use their mobile devices while they are shopping

% of consumers prefer using mobile apps over mobile websites

% of consumers share location and personal information with brands

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We are more than happy to build a demo app for your business that you can test out on your own mobile device. An pixel-Apps mobile expert will contact you to discuss your business requirements, and then show you how we can help you increase sales.

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